Ice Cream In Toronto

"You can't buy happiness but you can buy ice cream which is kind of the same thing"

I cannot imagine a world without ice cream. I love experiencing all the new trends that have been emerging and think it is one of the best pick me ups. Listed below are some of the places that I have enjoyed ice cream in Toronto. I have also noted the type of ice cream I purchased. The majority of the spots listed are local small businesses, which I love supporting


Dutch Dreams

Dutch Dreams is one of the longest running ice cream shops in the city. I absolutely love how they present the ice cream with cotton candy, whipped cream and fruit. My favourite flavour is the double chocolate brownie. The shop itself also has a unique presentation.

Tom's Dairy Freeze

This one is for the soft serve ice cream lovers. One of the longest running ice cream institutions in the city, you must try Tom’s at least once! They also have savoury goodness as well, check them out! Simple and sweet soft serve ice cream.

The Big Chill

Who doesn’t like a retro ice cream parlour. I love passing by and coming into this place. The ice cream is also just as visually appealing and tasty. I enjoyed the rainbow, super kid flavour. If you want an old school vibe to your ice cream, check this place out.

Death In Venice

If you love gelato and like unique flavour pairings then this is the place for you. I absolutely love the bourn and smoked chocolate ice cream. They also have other seasonal food items offered throughout the year.

Fugo Desserts

Fugo is known for it’s ice cream flavours, mini donuts and other seasonal sweets. My favourite ice cream is the cookie monster paired with mini cookies as toppings. I absolutely love the presentation and the taste even more.

Bang Bang

Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery is known for their long lines in the summer along the Ossington strip for their famous ice cream cookie sandwiches. My favourite flavour is the lychee rosewater raspberry, one of the most unique flavours I have ever tasted!

Boo Yah!

If you like ice cream tacos or ice cream sandwiches, Boo Yah is another great option. I love the presentation of the taco waffle. One of the most fresh waffles I have tried. Great ice cream choices as well, check them out if your in the area.

Summer's Ice Cream

Another long running and popular ice cream parlour in the heart of the city is Summer’s. I had the chocolate fudge brownie flavour which was oh so delicious!

Danties Macaron

Combing ice cream and macaron is a genius idea. Something about the macaron shells paired with ice cream just tastes so exquisite. I highly recommend the London Fog flavour as it provides a refreshing taste, perfect for summer! The flavours here are Asian inspired and are really unique.

Mille Creperie

Crepe and ice cream go hand in hand. I absolutely love the Japanese style crepe offered at Mille Creperie. The matcha ice cream flavour and strawberries are a great combination. Soft, smooth and refreshing, it is a must try!

Sweet Jesus

If you like to have a little flair to your soft serve then Sweet Jesus is where you should go next. I got the cookies and cream option which had a nice crunch to it. They have multiple locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

Arctic Bites

Another cool variation of ice cream in Toronto is rolled ice cream. Inspired by Thai rolled ice cream, Arctic Bites offers a variety of flavours. I enjoyed the nuts for you flavour. Great presentation that offers something new to try for your ice cream fix.


If you like everything Italian then this place is for you. The gelato bar serves very fresh gelato and also is right beside the cannoli bar. My favourite flavour here for gelato is the chocolate orange, a very refreshing and decadent balance.

HK Sweets

Hong Kong style waffle and ice cream is quite popular as an ice cream variation. I enjoyed the mango flavour at HK Sweets and it was more than enough for one person. I love the texture and taste of the bubble waffle.


A popular Korean cafe that now has a spot open in Toronto. I enjoyed the presentation and light taste of the watermelon ice cream option. They serve organic milk soft serve ice cream.


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