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Homemade Brunch Ideas

"Brunch is always a good idea."

Brunch is one of my favourite meals that I usually go out for on weekends. Now that I have more time at home, I tried making some of my favourite brunch food and drinks. Listed below are some brunch ideas that I have tried in the last little while. I have added the links to where I got each recipe along with my tips. Happy brunching!


Berry Bowl

This is a healthy and refreshing choice for brunch. It is basically a smoothie in a bowl with your favourite toppings. I like it because it is a nice and light meal to start the deal. Also you can customize this anyway you want and it is super easy and quick to make. I took out the peanut butter and added granola as a topping. I like to keep the smoothie on the thicker side so the toppings do not get soggy. Also adding a protein would make the meal more substantial.

Avocado Toast

Somehow I always find this as a must have on a brunch/breakfast menu. I LOVE avocados. I remember going to restaurants and seeing how easy they are to form into pretty decorations. My favourite variation is the avocado rose. You definitely need an avocado that is firm yet ripe enough to eat. I can eat an avocado just by itself on plain bread. However if you want more flavour, a simple seasoning (salt, pepper, paprika) or some diced onions and tomatoes can be added.

French Toast

A classic meal to have in the early hours of the day. Another quick and easy recipe to follow. Adding maple syrup is often a usual pairing. I find adding fruit is a great way to make the meal more balanced with less refined sugar if you are looking for a healthy variation. Some other variations include stuffing it with fruit or chocolate. I add a little more cinnamon and vanilla for a slightly warmer taste.

Dalgona Coffee

The internet trend that has everyone trying this variation of coffee at least once. Dalgona (whipped) coffee also known as Korean coffee and later popularized by Tik Tok is so simple to make. It can take time if you make it by hand but with a hand blender or frother it is quick and easy. You must use instant coffee for the best result. I did not use it but it still tasted good, coming out more foamy rather than whipped. I also added cocoa powder to make a mocha variation of this popular beverage. It is so decadent and a great drink pairing to add to your favourite brunch meal.

Sunnyside Eggs & Hash Potatoes

A nice savoury brunch/breakfast option. You really can add anything to the potatoes to make it more flavourful. I added tomatoes and onions while the recipe I used called for red peppers and turkey bacon. I think having sweet potato is a healthier alternative to regular potatoes. The potatoes do take some time to cook but the eggs are super easy to make and can be seasoned to your liking.

Mini Pancakes

My go to comfort breakfast/brunch food. Something about having pancakes, especially hot pancakes, just feels so warm and filling. I started craving the mini pancake version, also referred to as “Silver Dollar” pancakes, as I find it easier to eat and has more flavour. I notice I can taste the flavour more when the pancakes are paired with fruit, chocolate or any other topping. Another reason I like this version of pancakes is it does not take as long to make compared to the larger portion.


Another classic breakfast/brunch meal. The great thing about this option is that it can be enjoyed either savoury, sweet or as a combination. I love having some form of fruit with my crepes along with a chocolate drizzle or nutella stuffing. I also prefer to have crepes as thin as possible as I find that the toppings or stuffing add more flavour. I try my best to eat them fresh as they do tend to get soggy quite quickly.

Mini Donut Muffins

This is more of a nice sweet snack to have with a brunch meal or just to have on its own. I added chocolate frosting and sprinkles along with bananas to the recipe as I like the flavours combined together. You can keep it simple with the original recipe or mix it up to your liking. I enjoy these bite size donuts right after a full brunch/breakfast meal as they are the right amount for dessert. These are also are great for parties and other events.

Poached Egg on a Cheddar Biscuit

A not so quick breakfast but definitely a yummy savoury option if you have time. Learning how to poach an egg was something that I learned to do with more time at home. I love having eggs on a biscuit, especially one that is flavoured with cheddar cheese. The addition of hollandaise sauce is great over poached egg as well and goes well with the cheddar biscuit. Balance it out with some greens and you are all set.

Bubble Tea (Boba)

Another popular trend is the consumption of bubble tea. Everywhere I look there seems to be a new bubble tea store opening up. I love indulging in bubble tea but it does tend to add up. I got curious and wanted to make it at home. I must admit the process of making tapioca is time consuming but it is worth experimenting with at least once. Also having fresh tapioca makes such a huge difference to the taste of the tea. Another nice drink to have for brunch or anytime during the day.

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