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'Experience This Next' is a digital platform and portfolio highlighting all things local and offers the following: 


Content Creation


4+ years of content creation ranging in the realms of food, travel, wellness, culture, events, and much more. Whether in Toronto or abroad, the foundation of of the content is to support local. We are a BIPOC platform and inclusive of all. 


Being curious, conscious, creative and community focused is what this platform is all about!


Storytelling through photography is something that can also be found on this platform and also more specifically shared on the sister platform, 'Snapture the Moment'. Whatever you are looking to capture we range in travel, events and food photography.  


Curated Experiences


This platform is all about human connection and community. Something that is recently being offered is virtual and in person experiences for likeminded people to come together for events.Experiences include wellness events, photo walks, workshops, city tours and group travel.  Check the main page for offerings. Have a suggestion? Feel free to contact us or to collaborate with us.

We will be using our sister platform called ‘The Wellness Trip’ which aims to foster a community of yoga and wellness enthusiasts through in-person and virtual classes and events. So far we offer monthly wellness yoga hikes with a partner organization.


4+ years in content and brand marketing. We will work with you to help your brand grow through affiliate marketing, ambassadorship or create media marketing and events for your brand/company.   We use user generated and original content to enhance an authentic marketing service.


We also offer travel consulting (TICO certified in Ontario and also elsewhere) as this platform has a huge focus of travel with over 40 countries visited thus far.  If you need help planning your next trip, or looking for amazing travel deals, make sure to reach out for a consultation. 


Feel free to connect  if you have inquiries or would like to work  with us on any of the above.  Opportunities of interest include freelance work, collaborations, media invites,  speaking + writing, and guest features. 

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